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"(IPY) “International Polar Year 2007–2008” began as part of a worldwide coin programme. The South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP) maintains research bases on Marion and Gough Islands and on Antarctica (SANAE IV – South Africa National Antarctic Expedition). SANAP conducts research in four areas: physical sciences, earth sciences, life sciences and oceanographic sciences. Its mission is to increase understanding of the natural environment and life in the The Antarctic and the Southern Ocean through appropriate science and technology. The official logo of the IPY and the SA Agulhas features as the main elements on the R2 silver Crown. The SA Agulhas is the ice-strengthened Antarctic supply and oceanographic research vessel operated by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Directorate of South Africa. It is the lifeline between the three research stations and South Africa. The map of Antarctica is featured on the reverse of the 2½c (Tickey). Indicated on the map is the position of SANAE IV, built on a rocky outcrop (nunatak) and called “Vesleskarvet” (Norwegian for “little barren mountain”) on the Ahlmann Ridge, about 170 km from the coast. The IPY is an important Summit where scientists from many countries give their feedback on surveys and studies done in the arctic regions. This valuable information is shared for the benefit of our planet."- Muntstuk

2008 Silver International Polar Year Crown And Tickey Combo Set

Out of Stock
  • Mass: 33.626g
    Diameter: 38.725mm
    Metal Content: Silver Ag 925 Cu 75
    Limited Edition Set:  724

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