These sets are only available as graded coins in grade PF69UC. Only 22 coins graded PF69 and 4 in PF70. Please see page on graded coins.


"2018 marks 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela and we are proud to honour his legacy with a new coin range.

The new coins are the second installation in the “Celebrating South Africa” theme, through which we celebrate milestones and symbols of South Africa’s freedom, democracy and culture. The first coin series in this theme was the 2017 OR Tambo Centenary range (see 2017 coin range).

Each meticulously crafted coin allows us to look back at the remarkable stages of Mandela’s life, and his struggle for justice, human rights, and a free and democratic South Africa." SA Mint


"This coin portrays Nelson Mandela as a young and passionate lawyer. In August 1952, he, together with Oliver Tambo, opened the first black-owned law firm in South Africa. Pricing the coin was a conscious tribute to Nelson Mandela’s legacy and our way of paying it forward. To celebrate 100 years since the birth of Mandela, and in remembrance of the 27 long years he spent in prison, R27 of every bronze coin purchased will be donated to the Nelson Mandela Foundation

Diameter: 38.725mm
Mass: 24.450g
Mintage: 50,000"


"This coin depicts Nelson Mandela as a proud statesman. After spending 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela was finally released on 11 February 1990 and elected deputy president of the ANC in the same year. In 1993, he shared the Nobel Peace Prize with President FW de Klerk before making history as South Africa’s first democratically-elected president, in 1994.

Diameter: 38.725mm
Mass: 33.626g
Mintage: 10,000"


"The bimetallic R5 circulation coin is central to this range, enabling the South African public and coin collectors to celebrate the centenary year of Mandela’s birth. The coin goes into circulation in July 2018, the month in which Mandela was born.

A collectable R5 coin will be included in the 3-coin and 4-coin Mandela Centenary sets. The collectable R5 is NOT available for purchase on its own.

Mass: 9.5g
Diameter: 26mm"

2018 NR Mandela Centenary 1918 – 2018 PF69

R7 500,00Price
  • R50 BRONZE ALLOY COIN: Diameter: 38.725mmMass: 24.450gMintage: 50,000

    R50 SILVER 1 OZ STERLING-SILVER COIN:Diameter: 38.725mmMass: 33.626gMintage: 10,000

    R5 COMMEMORATIVE CIRCULATION COIN:Mass: 9.5gDiameter: 26mm