Grass crinum

Crinum graminicola


Crinum is a genus of the large and attractive Amaryllidaceae family. The name Crinum originates from the Greek Krinon, which means lily.

Larger in stature than most other species of Amaryllidaceae, Crinum graminicola are herbaceous plants with large bulbs which produce a neck made up of the sheathing bases of the old leaves. This deciduous summer-growing bulb has a stem of approximately 45 cm which holds the umbellate flowers. The flowers are usually a uniform deep-pink colour but many plants have flowers that are white with a prominent, deep-pink keel. The linear to sword-shaped leaves are relatively narrow for the large size of the plant. Crinum graminicola are native to the grassy plains of the highveld of South Africa. 


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  • Mass: 33.726g
    Diameter: 38.725mm
    Metal content: 925 Ag 75 Cu
    Mintage: 1000