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Orange tritonia

Tritonia nelsonii


Tritonia nelsonii, commonly known as orange tritonia, is a delicate geophyte in the Iridaceae family. 
The genus name is derived from the Latin word triton, meaning ‘weathervane’, and alludes to the apparently random arrangement of the stamens in some species.
The orange tritonia is slender and grass-like, reaching a height of approximately 500 mm. The beautiful funnel-shaped petals are almost translucent and delicately veined. Tritonia nelsonii occurs in grassland and on rocky outcrops with the orange flowers being quite noticeable during its summer flowering time, among the grasses where it generally occurs. 

2018 R5 Orange Tritonia

Out of Stock
  • Mass: 33.726g
    Diameter: 38.725mm
    Metal content: 925 Ag 75 Cu
    Mintage: 1000

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