South African Reserve Bank Centenary 1921 - 2021
Only 3500 sets minted and given to the employees of the Reserve Bank and the SA Mint.
This set commemorates the centenary of the SARB and consists of the following limited-edition coins packaged in a walnut box:
• a proof 2021 commemorative R5 circulation coin, the highest quality coin produced by the South African Mint;
• a sterling silver proof like R5 collectors' coin with gold-plated centre to resemble the colouring of the circulation coin; and
• a limited-edition commemorative sterling silver medallion, depicting on the obverse a replica 10 shilling banknote, the first banknote issued by SARB, and on the reverse, a replica R10 banknote signed by the current Governor of the SARB, Lesetja Kganyago.
The shared reverse designs on the commemorative coins celebrate the history of the SARB through different coins which include, from left to right:
• the 1923 three pence (tickey), which represents the currency issued during the period of the Union of South Africa;
• a 1961 R1 gold coin featuring the springbok, which represents the introduction of the Rand as the official currency in the same year South Africa became a republic. The springbok has featured on numerous coins and is especially recognized as the reverse design on the world-famous Krugerrand;
• the 1965 20 cent coin, which depicts the king protea, South Africa's national flower. The coin featured is part of the second decimal coin series;
• the 1990 1 cent coin featuring two sparrows, which represents the third decimal coin series;
• the R5 minted in 2008 in honour of former president Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday, which recognize the vast contribution Mr Mandela made to South Africa and
• a 10 cent coin depicts the Cape Honey Bee and represents the future of the national currency.

South African Reserve Bank Centenary Set 1921 - 2021

R6 000,00Price
  • 1 x R5 Circulation Coin 9,5 gram 26mm Bi-Metal Alloy

    1 x R5 Bi-Colour Crown (Proof-like) 33 gram 38,752mm Ag925 Cu75 (Gold Plated Inner)

    1 x Commemorative Medallion 28,7 gram (L) 52 mm (W) 35 mm Ag925 Cu75