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"Introducing the long-awaited Big 5 Series ll large format coins, featuring the mighty Elephant. The expansive diameter of these coins magnifies the sheer artistry and craftsmanship of the Big 5. Every bit of detail is more pronounced, on these larger-than-life coins.The large format 24ct coins are offered in 5oz and 1kg, at a diameter of 50mm and 90mm for respectively, while the silver 5oz and 1kg coins come at an impressive 64mm and 100mm respectively.The design on the reverse of the large format coins remains the same as that of the rest of the Big 5 coins, depicting two halves of the Elephant’s face which form a complete face when two coins are placed alongside each other.LARGE"-SA Mint

2021 Big 5 II Elephant Large Format Proof Gold Coins

Stock Availability To Be Confirmed
  • Mass: 155.535g
    Diameter: 50mm
    Metal content: Au 999.9
    Limited edition: 50

  • Mass: 1000g
    Diameter: 90mm
    Metal content: Au 999.9
    Limited edition: 10

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