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Our Services


We can give you an expert evaluation on your numismatics.

Sell Your Numismatics Via The Everlasting Coins Website

We can list your coins on our website and only charge a 5%-15% fee (depending on category) once sale has been completed.

Auction Your Numismatics Via Everlasting Coins

We can auction your numismatics via a trusted auction house who specialises in numismatic auctions for a fee of only 13%

Insured Shipping

We can ship your valuable numismatics on your behalf via a trusted courier who specialises in shipping gold and silver coins and jewellery. All shipments are insured and in safe hands.

Buy Bullion Monthly And Get Discount Prices

Buy bullion monthly until you fill a tube (20 or 25 oz) + save on shipping!

We helped our clients save up to 14,88% last year (2022) when buying two ounces of silver bullion every Month! This amount varies depending on the amount of silver bought per month. Percentage calculated based on saved shipping and tube price discounts.

Trade Metals For Metals

Trade Gold for Silver and Vice Versa

Loyalty Program

Earn points on every purchase and spend it on rewards!

Gift card

The perfect gift for any item on our store

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