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What are my coins worth?

Understanding Coin Conditions

Proof Coins

Proof Coins are coins which are minted in perfect condition. They are struck up to six times in a row to achieve a perfect mirror finish on the coin field.

Some traits are:

  • Limited mintage

  • Comes with a certificate

  • Usually in a display case

  • Coins have a mirror finish

2022-Big-5-SII-Lion-5oz Gold-Proof-Reverse.jpg

Circulated Coins

Circulated coins/notes are currency used in transactions. Most of these items only keep their face value unless they are VERY OLD 1892-1959 or they have precious metals content.

Some traits are:

  • Dirty

  • Folded/Scratched

  • Used for transacting

  • No longer legal tender to transact with


Uncirculated Coins

Circulated Coins are coins which are minted in close to perfect condition, but they are only struck once instead of multiple times resulting in a foggy finish.

Some traits are:

  • Limited mintage

  • Comes with a certificate

  • Usually in a display case/folder

  • Coins/notes were never used for transactions

2023 RSA 4DCS Uncirculated Sleeve-Obverse.jpg

Bullion and Scrap Coins

Bullion Coins are coins which mainly consist of Precious Metals like silver, gold, platinum and ruthenium. Older South African coins also contain silver, if these coins are in circulated condition it is better to sell them as Bullion.

Some traits are:

  • Silver will tarnish from a milky white to all colours of the rainbow

  • These bullion coins are usually part of the ZAR and Union series of South Africa.

  • Most coins from 1892-1964 contain large amounts of silver.

  • Large silver One Rand coins from 1965-1976 contain silver.


I understand the conditions, what are the next steps?

Now that you have a basic idea of which category your coins fall in, we can look at what is worth selling and what not.

Worth Selling

  • Proof Coins including certificates/graded slabs/cases

  • Uncirculated Coins including certificates/graded slabs/cases and folders

  • Bullion coins and SA/Foreign scrap precious metal coins like:

    • 1892-1964 5 Shillings and 50c coins​

    • 1892-1964 2.5 Shillings

    • 1892-1964 2 Shillings and 20c coins

    • 1892-1964 1 Shillings and 10c coins

    • 1960-1964 5c coins

    • 1960-1964 2.5c coins

    • 1965-1976 Silver R1

    • Any gold coins

    • Banknotes pre 1960 like 100 Pounds, 20 Pounds, 5 Pounds, 1 Pound and 10 Shillings

Not Worth Selling

  • Circulated Coins and Banknotes used for transactions.

  • Circulated coins and Banknotes that are dirty, torn or folded.

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