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"Meet the Rhino, a majestic creature that has roamed the earth for over 50 million years. The rhino is known for its signature giant horned snout from which its name, rhinoceros, meaning “nose horn”, is derived.Due to their large body which can weigh in excess of a ton and still reach speeds of up to 55kph, their strong horns and thick, armour-like skin; rhinos have no natural predators. These majestic beasts have certainly earned their place among Africa’s Big Five.It gives us great pleasure to introduce one of Africa’s finest; the rhino in this second series of the South African Mint’s award-winning Big 5 coin collection.Collect your piece of the pride of Africa, in sterling- silver, 24ct gold, platinum and special sets."-SA Mint

2022 Big 5 II Rhino Proof Gold Coins

Stock Availability To Be Confirmed
  • Mass: 7.777g
    Diameter: 22.0mm
    Metal Content: Au 999.9
    Limited edition: 2 000

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